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Meet Sue

Award Winning Author and

Master Certified Life Coach

I once was 'not good enough'.

For decades, making a difference in someone's life was something I desired but always seemed 'just out of reach.' It was 'good enough for everyone else but not for me.' I believed the lie that I was too broken, too wounded, too everything, to have anything to offer anyone else. The garbage of life was trying hard to smother the glowing ember underneath. Hope was elusive, discouragement a constant companion, and purpose only a dream never to become reality.  Sound familiar? I get it.

Everyone wants to make a difference in some way but often believe they have nothing to offer because they don't have it 'all figured out.'

Now...I am a Voice of Hope!

Sue Bowles

I'm here to say: All it takes to help the person behind you is to be one step ahead.

As a Master Certified Life Coach and Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach, I empower those who feel stuck and 'disqualified' in life to be all they ever dreamed of becoming. No matter the challenge or goal, you matter and your dreams can be reality now! We all have purpose and sometimes we just need someone to come alongside us to help fan the flame of hope and find the way out of our rut - to get unstuck and start to move. Maybe the issue is self-confidence, relationships, stress management, anxiety, goals, or something else.

I will help you get where you want to go. The first step is yours!

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Sue Bowles is a Master Certified Life Coach, speaker, and award-winning author. She leads My Step Ahead, committed to breaking the stigma around mental health struggles. Sue provides 1-on-1 and group life coaching for those feeling 'stuck' in life's transitions and circumstances, helping them take their 'next step' to seeing their dreams and goals become present-day reality.


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