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Do you feel chained to your circumstances,
having to settle for "good enough" in life?

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Meet Sue

Award Winning Author and Master Certified Life Coach

As a Life Coach, I empower and equip adults who are dissatisfied with life as they know it, "helping stuck people get unstuck".

Dreams seem elusive. Relationships are in turmoil. Anxiety keeps us in lockdown.

I help get you where you want to go!

I don't know what led you to this place of feeling stuck, but I do know how to help you break out of it. Whatever the obstacle or challenge, I will help you overcome it and create the change you want in your life. It's never too late to discover a new skill, career, identity, purpose, and direction.


You have an opportunity, within your current challenges, to use it as a springboard to see your dreams become reality.


You are good enough and it is not too late to dream big and go for it! Let's get started!


You've waited long enough. It's your turn and it's your time. 
I count it a privilege to help you get where you have always wanted to go.

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"I met with Sue when I was stuck. I had a lot going on and I couldn't seem to move forward. She listened to my story and helped me recognize that what I had been through was trauma. She helped me make a plan that I could live with and accomplish... the difference has been amazing!"

- Becky Thurman

"I highly recommend Sue! She is a caring and compassionate coach who isn't afraid to ask you the tough things that are necessary to heal and grow and she has helped me to do both!"

- Kelly Neff

"My mom and I worked with Sue. We had a good experience with her."

- Mary Elizabeth

"I was fortunate to work with Sue at a time when I needed help taking a closer look at my life goals. Sue helped me figure out what it is I actually wanted from life, not by giving me the answer, but by giving me the tools to find the answer on my own."

- Matt Tynan

"I highly recommend Sue Bowles as a coach! She cares, takes the time to listen, and is supportive. A genuinely caring counselor is hard to find, but you have that with Sue."

- Dylan Skyler Morrison

Sue's award-winning book is available here!

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